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Making  a positive difference in a child's life is one of the most honorable missions anyone can have, for us it has become our life's work.

At Young Futures we have hundreds of kids a day looking to us to teach them something new. As big of a responsibility this is, one look at any of their faces , full of curiosity and joy, and you will know why we do what we do.


As a leader in our industry we have no fear to take on any challenge to reach as many kids as we can and provide them with the same chance at a successful life as any one else on this planet.


We are always thankful for all our parents and partners who believe in us and our mission.

As this is only the beginning, always look to us to break the existing barriers and introduce our kids to the highest levels of service and caring and help them work together for a better future.

​                             Bulletin Board

Coach Of The Month:


* Mayar Khattab

Employee Of The Month:

* Mahitab Khattab

Company News:


 * New Location opening Soon in 6th of October


 * Summer Programs at Sahel are a full go for the summer of 2023


 * Young Futures Gala in the making for December 2023

Fun Facts:


 * It is estimated that humans have between 20,000 and 25000 genes in their body

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