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Dina Sobhy                  


Dina Sobhy is the CEO and cofounder of Young Futures Ltd. Master franchisee of Teddy Sport Egypt. She is a chemical engineer who worked for the USAID with over 60 schools in developing programs for teacher training, she taught toddlers, for over 20 years in preschools and schools including the LRC. She has 2 children who played professionally college Tennis in both Egypt and the US.

"To Lead in children’s sport development in Egypt by inspiring a love for sport & improving toddlers’ physical and mental growth using a structured & fun methodology.


Tamer El Sawy              


GPTCA President for the US, Egypt and Ecuador.

Owner / Director ETSC Sports Management Center

Number One Tennis player in Egyptian Modern History.

Top 120 in the ATP rankings in Singles and Doubles.

25 years of Sports Management Experience.

25 years of coaching experiences include several top 10 ATP/  WTA players.

World Tennis Conference Main Speaker for  2021, 2022, 2023.

Owner/ Director ETC High Development Tennis Center.

"Making a difference and serving others makes your life worth living, specially when  it comes to the most precious people we have , our kids."

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